Hi! I’m Pat – and this is my photography story

Working at Allentown DCI show

Working one of my favorite events, DCI Eastern Championships, Allentown, PA

I was twelve when my father handed me my first camera and ignited my passion for photography.  Always with cameras in hand, we explored the scenic byways and coastlines of NH together.  My enjoyment of the art continued during my high school years when I spent all my free time in the dark rooms and print labs; I was rarely seen without my camera in hand. Photography was going to be my career until life handed me a different deck of cards. Photography and I parted ways for over fifteen years.

As it turns out, photography never left my soul and thankfully, it has found its way back to my life.

Through the viewfinder, I endeavor to capture the mystery and beauty hidden in the world around me. I seek to get the lens into the thick of a scene, to search out a different viewpoint; to find a new way of seeing things that are common place and often overlooked. I find that when I stay in one place and look for that different angle or perspective, my view of the world is transformed and my opportunity for seeing and thinking is expanded. I use the art of photography is a way of seeing my world with intention.

I like to experiment. I like to push the boundaries of what my gear will allow; capturing subjects using different light or framing; breaking all the “rules” promoted by photography schools.  I find myself most interested in capturing hidden scenes that appear only after the moon has risen. Stretching the limits of photography equipment is a renewed passion.

Step & Repeat at HRC Boston

Step & Repeat at HRC Boston

I enjoyed hosting solo exhibits first in Newburyport, MA in 2008 and at the Parish Center for the Arts in Westford, MA in December of 2013. My most recent show, “Drum Corps is Art” was a first of it’s kind showing devoted to the art of Drum Corps. I was proud to present this show in Plymouth, MA in November of 2016. I eagerly look forward to my next showing. I have what seems like hundreds of ideas in my head – I just need to find time to capture and coordinate them all!

Since 1995, I have been a staff writer and photographer for the print publication, “Drum Corps World” where my work is seen by a global audience. My work is also featured on corps websites such as the Troopers” (Casper, WY), Kidsgrove Scouts”, (UK) and the Connecticut Hurricanes” (Seymour, CT). Images have also been distinguished on corporate websites and in advertising campaigns for Stanbury Uniforms, Jarvis Industries, Drum Corps Associates and Drum Corps International.

Pat & Piper @ Gillette Stadium, 2015

Pat & Piper @ Gillette Stadium, 2015

Since 2010, I have been working with my wife Piper supporting her photography business. We make a great team on weddings, engagements, portraits and special party events. Find her at www.piperjophoto.com or follow her on Facebook.

My photographic circle seems complete: I spend weekends during the summer capturing drum corps activity with great joy; wedding work is rewarding and adventurous;  I find a great solace in creating fine art. I look forward to expanding my photographic circle of friends with every click of the shutter. Does it get any better?

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Smile & Enjoy!

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