Jennifer Ellison said “Going home and spending time with family and your real friends is what keeps you grounded.”

She is so right!

I took a trip to Casper and Denver last week and while it was a time-short, high mileage trip, I came home feeling refreshed, recharged and alive. Don’t get me wrong; I’m very happy at home in Massachusetts and enjoy daily living, working and playing. But making the occasional trip back to Wyoming is special for me. It brings me back to a place where my youth was alive – where I found my true self and where I found the most incredible family anyone could ever ask for.

I take great pride in being able to travel and photograph the Troopers, and other corps along the DCI summer tour. I love shooting at Mile High Stadium – it’s always a highlight for me when I can make the trip. This year did not disappoint. And as expected, I found myself wiping away tears of joy – thank you Troopers.

But what was more meaningful to me was that while i was in Casper, Wyoming, I was fortunate to reconnect with so many of my wonderful friends that I could not possibly list them all and not leave somebody out. I met and got to know some of my childhood heros – members of the Troopers from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Such wonderful people! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them all. I met the current members of the Troopers and I could not be happier to have met them, too. I admire their strength, courage and commitment to the Troopers and thank them for keeping the legacy alive. Can’t wait to see the corps again in Allentown.

My one regret for this trip was that I did not have enough hours in the day to properly catch up, reconnect and of course, bid a fond adieu at the end of the visit with everybody. For that, I have regret – but I will be back again, because that special little place in the middle of the old west is like going home for me.

“Lights will guide you … home.”