Time to take a break… put the camera down for a few weeks…. regroup, rejuvenate, rest!

2017 was kind to me in so many ways. I was able to travel a bit to recharge my batteries in the old west. (and I’ll be back again next summer, too!) Drum Corps continued into November with another trip to Plymouth to enjoy the festivities there. What a great night!

Wedding work was off the charts this year for us and we could not be happier about the growth of the business! We look forward to another great year in 2018, too!

What else to look forward to? Troopers celebrate 60! Is an alumni corps on the horizon? Keep checking back…. I just might pick it up…one more time. I have to admit, my day in Plymouth sparked the creative juices and got me thinking about playing again. Time will tell. My priorities are a new job and finishing school in 2018.

Enjoy the holiday break and THANK YOU for your kind words and support! I look forward to next year with great excitement!