So, I’ve been working on a new project and I’m finally going ahead with it!

Coming this November, a showing of drum corps art will be on display at TreeHouse Studios in Plymouth, MA. This will be my 3rd gallery show overall but the very first to showcase drum corps images. This show will feature DCA and all-age corps primarily (mostly to avoid copyright and other issues with DCI). It’s been hard to whittle down my collection to a select few for this showing. Images will be available for purchase so I hope you’ll stop by, enjoy and pick out your favorite to hang on YOUR walls!

If you’re planning on attending the Alumni Corps Concert on November 19, arrive early and come over to the gallery — it’s literally right across the street from the concert hall! I’ll post exact gallery hours for the day of November 19 but also the date and time of the show opening reception.

Hope to see you there!