… summer is over. It isn’t.

Which is a good thing because as much as I may grumble about driving, parking and lugging a gear bag, the truth is, I love being on the sidelines. Last weekend was no different.

A small show in Everett, but I still found the creative juices got goin’ and I could smile as I watched the 5 performing corps on the field. What was especially nice was to see so many folks I count as part of my extended family. Greeted with warm hugs and smiles, I felt at home… again.

One more sideline dance in 2016 for me then focus (get the pun) shifts to fall weddings and special events work through the end of the year. I’m just as excited for that too, but it lacks a certain entertainment value that these drum corps shows hold. If only drum corps was a year-round thing.

See ya on the sidelines!

p.s. Stay tuned – I’m working on a special new project that I hope (keeping fingers crossed) will be able to move forward. Watch here or my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/PatChagnon.images.11) for news.